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Regular review: An important part in creating a successful investment portfolio


It is vital to regularly review your investments, to make sure that they reflect your attitude to risk and are well diversified so that you can benefit from changes in the market environment and economic backdrop.

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Investment directors’ bulletin – February 2015


Global equities made a disappointing start to the year. Central banks announced new fiscal policies; tensions in the eurozone were stirred up by the election of a radical left-wing Greek government; the debate over the timing of US interest rate rises continued to gather strength.

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The power of income


The income produced from bank deposits has fallen sharply, but people’s income needs have risen. This means that investors now need to cast the net wider than ever before in their search for a sustainable level of income.

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Investment directors’ bulletin – December 2014


From early September to mid October the MSCI World and MSCI Emerging Markets indices completed a near 10% correction—the first since mid 2011. However, the recovery since then has been led by developed markets, particularly the US, while emerging markets (particularly when measured in US dollars) have traded broadly sideways with significant country variations.

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